For other countries 200 km per day are included. Every kilometer of usage over the allowed limit is charged €0.10 or you can pay € 15 per day for vehicles lower class and €20 per day for other cars.

The price are valid from 01.05.2011. SEE ALL RENT A CAR keeps the right to change the price without previous notice. Payment may be made in cash, to SEE ALL RENT A CAR account or by credit cards accepted by SEE ALL RENT A CAR.

The deposit payment is obligatory. The deposit may be paid by using credit cards or cash in the amount stipulated by SEE ALL RENT A CAR.

The price includes obligatory insurance against damage incurred against to third parties. The price does not include daily fee for “Kasko”

(Loss & Damage) insurance and theft risk insurance, unless otherwise specifically provisioned by the Vehicle Rental Agreement. These insurances may be covered in accordance with the current price list.

The contracted daily fee for “Kasko” insurance entitles the renter to the following rights. For any damage caused to the vehicle without the Renter being responsible for the damage in question, the Renter shall not be considered responsible and liable at all.

For any damage caused to the vehicle, where the Renter is responsible for the damage, the Renter shall participate in covering the damage.

If the vehicle is stolen along with the original key and registration, i.e. if the Renter does not report the theft to the Police and does not ensure that the Police report is made, the Renter shall be obliged to cover the loss to SEE ALL RENT A CAR in the amount of 100% of the price of a brand new vehicle.

“Kasko” insurance does not cover the damage caused when driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances, when driving without valid driving license or when a driving license had been confiscated by the Police, and when more persons occupy the vehicle than there are seats registered.

The Renter shall pay for the fuel and vehicle washing, except in the case when the vehicle is returned washed and with the same quantity of fuel in the tank as when taken. In chase that registration or the keys to the vehicle are lost, the Renter is obliged to cover the loss to SEE ALL RENT A CAR by paying 1.000 €.

During the rental period. SEE ALL RENT A CAR shall not bear any responsibility for any breaking of the Traffic Security Low by the Renter, nor shall it cover any costs of the potential replacement/patching of tires, tools or similar charges.